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Uffculme Traffic Group

Traffic Problems in Uffculme:

- Pedestrians too close to traffic at: Coldharbour, Bridge St and the Bridge over the Culm

- Tail Gating / Inconsiderate Driving

- Speeding

- Large Vehicles

Residents have raised concerns about the dangers, caused by traffic, to pedestrians, especially school children, at various locations in the village. The Parish Council would like to work with residents to identify the problems and find solutions that will help make the village a safer and more enjoyable place to walk, cycle and drive through.

Please get in touch, especially if you have first hand experience of any traffic problems or in finding solutions to them.

The Parish Council wants to help set up and support a Local Traffic Group led and run by residents.

If you are concerned by any of the above or other traffic issues in the village and would like to be part of the solution, please contact Tim Pointing at Uffculme Parish Council.



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