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Uffculme Parish Council is currently made up of 10 Councillors, two of which are Councillors representing the Ashill area of the Parish.


All of our Councillors are volunteers and take on various roles in representing the Parish Council on community projects and committees. Areas in which each Councillor represents are listed below, together with contact details.


Please feel free to contact any of our Councillors directly if you wish to raise anything with them however, please bear in mind that they will be unable to provide you with any formal decisions until presented to the full Parish Council meeting for discussion.


Pat Blackman - Chair

*Planning *Parish Emergency Planning *Ashill Village Hall *Burial
     01884 564026

I was asked to join the Parish Council in 2014 by the retiring Ashill councillor as we are a small village and we do need a voice. Up until recently, I was also Chairman of Ashill Village Hall Committee, a post I held for almost 10 years. I think it is important to know what is going on in your environment and to help make improvements for Parishioners.

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Phil Cornish - Vice-Chair

*Planning *Open Spaces & Footpaths *Village Hall *Magelake *United Charities *Youth
     01884 849346

I have been a member of the Uffculme Parish Council for 10 + years and I care for the place I live in and the people who live here.  I always try to do my best and have the right outcomes for the village in mind.
My wife and I are both Carer Ambassadors for Mid Devon, supporting unpaid carers.
In addition to the above, I am also a case worker for the Farm Community Network and support those in our rural community

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Gemma Cole - Clerk to the Parish Council

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Tim Pointing

*Planning *Feed Mill Liaison *Parish Emergency Planning *Magelake *Green Team *Maintenance *Traffic
*Burial Board *Police Liaison *Youth
     07753 607250

I joined as Parish Councillor in July 2019 as i'm interested in how the community can improve its sustainability and resilience, food production and distribution, and biodiversity. I am a member of Uffculme Green Team, Sustainable Tiverton, Grantlands Residents Association and Tiverton Bee Keepers. I volunteer for Devon Freewheelers and Re-Rooted Cafe and Community Fridge. My hobbies include walking, cycling, motorcycling and photography.

Ruth Kingdom.jpg

Ruth Kingdom

*Planning *Open Spaces and Footpaths *Men's Club *Green Team *United Charities
     01884 840564

I became Parish Councillor since 2017 because I wanted to know my locality better and feel part of the community. I wanted to achieve more representation of Craddock, Ashill and the rural community. I have achieved a clearer understanding of Parish, Mid Devon and Devon County Council powers and planning practice, and the privilege of getting to know the Mens Club and the Green Team.

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Terry Edwards

*Planning *Broadpath/Hillhead Liaison *Feed Mill Liaison *Ashill Village Hall

Roy Keeling

*Parish Emergency Planning *Uffculme Bowling Club *Magelake *United Charities *Maintenance

I grew up in the village and having recently moved back with my family, I have been interested in getting involved in the community. I hope that by being a Parish Councillor, I can positively contribute to decisions that will impact the village and particularly those that will be of benefit to young people growing up in the local area.

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Malcolm Bodger

*Village Hall *Allotment Association *Uffculme and Ayshford Trust *Police Liaison *Youth 

Website Photo - Polly_Hallchurch_B&W.jpg

Polly Hallchurch

*Planning *Communications Officer *Maintenance *Traffic *Schools *Youth
     01884 840151

I have lived in Uffculme since 2004 and joined the Parish Council in order to support the village in being the best place it can be to raise my children, and to help other families thrive.  Professionally I am a transport planner and so have a keen interest in the impact of the traffic on the lives of residents and the promotion of sustainable modes of transport, wherever possible and realistic, in a rural setting.  I am also passionate about the protection of British wildlife and the natural environment and bring this to bear in all my decisions as a Councillor.

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Simon Lane
     07866 505259

I have recently joined the Parish Council and hope that my contribution will aid and champion the area. I have lived in Devon my whole life and in the Mid Devon Area for over 15 years with my wife and daughters. I have over 25 years experience running my own business in Devon which exports worldwide, am a South West Export Champion for the Department of Business and Trade and a proud member of ‘Made In Devon’. I hope that I can bring this business acumen to the Council to continue to make this beautiful area thrive. I have lived in the local area for over 15 years and currently reside in Ashill - I love all that the area has to offer and feel very fortunate to live in such an amazing part of the country.

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Andrew Logue

*Youth Group

I volunteered to serve as a councillor in 2023, having moved to Uffculme with my family in 2021. I'd like to better understand my new community, how it runs, the challenges it faces and make use of a broad skillset and diverse interests to help out where I can.

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Councillor Vacancy

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Councillor Vacancy

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Councillor Vacancy

We also have three District Councillors from Mid Devon District Council who look after Lower Culm, which includes Willand and Uffculme. These are:

Cathy Connor         07548 872107 /

Andrea Glover        07908 734368 /

 John Poynton           07834 869284 /

Our County Councillor is Ray Radford and he can be contacted on:

01884 820000 /

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