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About Uffculme Parish Council

The Parish Council is made up of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman and its Councillors. The Clerk to the Parish Council is an employed officer. More details on who holds each position can be found on the 'Councillors' page.

The Clerk acts as advisor to the Council and therefore does not represent the Council on any Committees. All other posts are made up of volunteers who have chosen areas of interest and Committees they represent on local matters.

The Parish Council has representatives involved with local businesses and organisations to keep abreast of current matters and to ensure that the Community is well voiced on any issues or concerns.

The Parish Council's main role is to be responsible for managing the Parish's budgets, funded to us through what is known as 'precept'. Precept is an amount of money calculated yearly as an estimate, and collected through Council Tax. The amount of funding received has a direct impact on the decisions made by Councillors throughout the year.


What we can help with

A few examples of what the Parish Council can help with are:

  • not for profit community groups

  • maintaining public rights of way

  • burial grounds (cemetery)

  • provision and maintenance of play areas owned by the Parish Council

  • maintenance of war memorials

  • provision and maintenance of public toilets owned by the Parish Council

  • control of litter

  • representation of planning applications in the Parish

What we can't help with

A few examples of what the Parish Council can't help with are:

  • highway matters inc. potholes, parking, road markings, drainage

  • street lighting

  • planning issues i.e. buildings erected without or not in line with permission

  • funding to commercial business

  • anti-social behaviour

If you have a query or concern and you are unsure whether it would be something the Parish Council can help with, please feel free to contact the Clerk or one of our Councillors

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