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Here you can find answers to all our most frequently asked questions. 

Can I attend your meetings?

Yes; we encourage our Parishioners to attend meetings however you cannot address the Council. If you'd like to address Council on any matter, you must give notice to the Clerk of your intention to do so at least 48hrs prior to the meeting. This can be done via e-mail HERE.

How can I become a Councillor?

If there is a vacancy and you are interested in becoming a Councillor, you should e-mail the Clerk and include a short preacy about yourself. Your application must also be seconded by two elected Councillors.

Can the Parish Council help me with my query/concern?

We would always like to be able to help and do more than we can however, we are faced with both financial and legal limitations, and also areas of responsibility that do not fall within the remit of the Parish Council. If you are unsure whether your query/concern is a Parish, Local or County Council matter you can contact the Clerk or any of the Councillors who will be happy to help.

What timescale can I expect to receive a response to my query?

This is very difficult to say and highly depends on the complexity of your query, the possible process involved in dealing with it and reliance on other third parties who may need to complete work/investigation. We continue to work on issues until we receive an outcome/response, whether positive or negative.

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